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To this day, 1 out of every 5 couples who wish to become pregnant find difficulties along the way. In most cases, the cause can be easily fixed, but in other cases, the reason may have to do with some serious condition requiring more complex management or even sperm or ovule donation.

When we talk about reproductive problems, the chances of becoming pregnant are actually a race against time. It is essential to have a team of professionals with the right experience and resources to be able to identify problems and implement the optimal solutions as soon as possible.

We recommend requesting reproductive assessments to those couples who have been maintaining unsuccessful regular unprotected relationships for over a year as long as there is no other medical factor that may be associated with some sort of reproductive problem.

We recommend bringing this timeframe down to no more than 6 months in couples where the female is > 36 years old, when in the presence of menstrual irregularities, or when there is a medical, surgical or family history that may be related to reduced fertility.



The experience of our team of specialists in assisted reproduction is at your disposal so you can ask the questions and get the counselling you need at 0 cost.

Assisted reproduction is a highly specialized medical field in continuous evolution where some of the most advanced technologies developed during the last few years are implemented. CRA Barcelona, with over 2000 couples treated in our center every year, brings you the most updated knowledge we have and state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best possible results in each case.

Delaying therapy can reduce the chances of success


One year ago mi twins were born, double hapiness. Thanks to Dr. Julio Herrero and his team.

Verónica & Edgar,

Inseminación Artificial

We arrived at the clinic with little hope after a long time trying, and when we met the medical team, I felt blind trust and we went for the first insemination. Today Claire is 15 months old. CRA Barcelona team is awsome. I have to admit that the treatment was too much for me … hahaha, but they never had a negative reaction, on the contrary, I felt supported all the time. Thank you very much to everyone for making our dream come true

Nadia & José,

Inseminación Artificial

The hardest part of the treatment was to face the genetic grief, but we have had all the support we needed Thank you CRA team !


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