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Assisted Reproduction Laboratories constantly improve their techniques and protocols to ensure the highest quality of the entire process and thus achieve the greatest possible success.

In our laboratory we apply the different reproduction techniques in a personalized way and according to the needs of each patient.

The laboratory is structured in three work areas: the Andrology Unit, the IVF Unit and the Cryobiology Unit.

The Andrology Unit carries out the necessary diagnostic tests to determine a possible male factor in the sterility of the couple. 20% of the sterility problems are exclusively of masculine origin and 30-40% have a mixed cause (male and female).

The IVF Unit is responsible for the processes of oocyte procurement, sperm insemination, assessment and embryo transfer. This Unit optimizes the environmental and culture conditions to achieve the best pregnancy and newborn rates.

The Cryobiology Unit performs the cryopreservation of embryos and gametes. Cryopreservation has always been a fundamental tool in Assisted Reproduction, since it enhances the success of ovarian stimulation cycles. In addition, it allows the preservation of fertility in patients who require it.

Laura Marquès
Director of the lab

PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Barcelona (UB)


93 51 17 100


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