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There is an age limit at which becoming pregnant in a natural way will be hard for you. This is so because your capacity to conceive will be affected long before menopause strikes due to two factors basically:

  • Less amount of ovules produced in the ovaries.
  • Less genetic quality of the ovules produced, which associates less chances of pregnancy and a higher risk of miscarriage and alterations such as Down Syndrome.

This drop speeds up significantly at 33-35 years old, and, in some women, it can have an early onset even before 30.

You are not alone

Sixteen per cent (16%) of the annual births in our country come from women who decided to be single mothers.

At CRA Barcelona around 10% of our therapies are requested by single women.


At our Patient Care unit, you will be assisted every step of the way. You are not alone.


Depending on your age and medical history, these are the therapies that we recommend:


For legal and medical security reasons. In Spain, the legislation on assisted reproduction establishes that sperm donations shall be anonymous. That is why there is total trust and confidentiality while avoiding any legal problems that may arise.

On the other hand, sperm banks demand donors to pass rigorous tests -medical, genetic, and psychological- prior to accepting the donor’s sperm. The material donated is then evaluated in order to guarantee the best quality and fertility and a total biological security when it comes to the risk of transmitting any conditions and diseases.

Here at CRA Barcelona we collaborate with the best world acclaimed sperm banks. We will assist you every step of the way both when it comes to choosing your sperm bank and the medical and phenotypical features of the right donor for you.

We advise you step by step in choosing both the sperm bank and the medical and phenotypic characteristics of the most suitable donor similar to you.

Through a genetic disease carrier test and Fenomatch technology, we offer you the possibility of minimizing the risk of transmission of genetic diseases.

The best results in the most natural way possible

Before insemination or in vitro fertilization, we perform a double quality check of the sample after thawing. Biologists check the quality of the semen sample -mobility, morphology, vitality and concentration of the sperm- and clean it of the antifreeze material that it has incorporated.

After getting pregnant, you can make a pre-reserve of donor semen samples to use in the conception of a second baby.



Becoming a mother is an important decision that is sometimes influenced by your personal or professional situation.

If you don’t wish to become pregnant right away, but you are worried that your fertility may drop in time, here at CRA Barcelona we offer you state-of-the-art technology so you can preserve your fertility.

Only you can decide when you wish to become a mother.

You decide when to get pregnant


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