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In recent years, I have dedicated myself to the delicate and difficult world of assisted reproduction in an international clinic, serving a wide variety of people and couples. I bring this extensive experience to CRA Barcelona as head of the French International Department.

Each case is special, some people come with the desire to start a family, others to increase it. Thanks to all of them, I have realized that accompanying them in the best possible way, offering all the options, and living with them this complex process, is very important for the success of the treatment, as well as professionally and personally rewarding.

This is how I have made my profession my true passion: the world of fertility.

If you are faced with any difficulty conceiving, I am here to help you. Whether for a case of recurrent gestational loss, low ovarian reserve, menopause, endometriosis, or any other cause, I am available to make a first assessment of your case.

Having a trusted gynecologist is key in this process. I’m here.


Being a mother is a project of illusion, and illusions are ageless.

my specialties

  • Specialist in pregnancy loss and repeat abortion.
  • Fertility treatment for low ovarian reserve.
  • Study and treatment of endometriosis
  • Menopause

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